away3d 4.x以后的功能更新说明(英文)

– Fixes to object controllers
– Fixed cone geometry normals
– Added WireframeCylinder primitive
– Added View3D.queueSnapshot() to take screen shots of view
– Fixed issues with geometry validation in primitives
– Implemented changes related to finalized AWD 2.0 specification
– Improved LookAtController (#217)
– Fixed visual bug in AwayStats (#220)
– Added torus geometry primitive
– Optimized Fresnel specular method
– Added texture support in ambient method
– Implemented geometry splitting in AWD2Parser (large meshes) (#136)
– Added support for alpha in video texture (#54)
– Fixed crash caused by null alpha mask in shadow depth rendering (#274)
– Fixed bounds calculation for flat geometries (#273)
– Fixed issue related to primitive validation (#257)
– Fixed device loss (#263, #269)
– Fixed issue with removing assets from library (#162)
– Fixed bug related to RTT dimensions (#279)
– Unified and improved sub-mesh splitting (better support for large meshes)
– Improved tool classes
– Optimized Object3D.updateTransform() (#232)
– Fixed crash issue in AIR (#230)
– Fixed lightPicker invalidation bug (#216)
– Fixed bug only appearing in software rendering (#234)
– Fixed issues in 3DS parser (#294, #291)
– Added NearShadowMapMethod
– Implemented support for nested objects in Drag3D (#283)
– Fixes to segment rendering and management
– Implemented visible property on View3D (#155)
– Enabled texture repeating in materials loaded from OBJ files (#5)
– Properly implemented and tested Sound3D (#227, #41)
– Fixed bug in MD5 parser caused by zero-weights (#65)
– Added alpha property for shadow map methods
– Added WebcamTexture
– Improved Stage3DProxy interface
– Added doubleSided property to PlaneGeometry
– Added backbuffer cap to avoid bug caused by too large backbuffers (#285)
– Fixed issue with small OBJ files (#304)
– Fixed wrap issue in HoverController (#299)
– Enabled integration of other Stage3D frameworks (e.g. Starling)
– Fixed Sprite3D clipping bug (#309)
– Lowered texture limit to 1×1 (#308)
– Fixed OBJParser issue related to specular shading (#70, #64)
– Fixed delegation issue in composit AWDParser (#315)
– Fixed issue with texture disposal (#316)
– Implemented Tim Knip’s DAEParser
– Slightly refactored loading system internals, renamed some events
– Removed deprecated bitmap/video materials
– Refactored picking system
– Optimizations to scene graph and picking
– Fixed parsing of texture names from AWD2 files (#200)
– Fixed bug in OBJParser concerning escaped line-breaks (#330)
– Fixed pivot point issue (#333)
– Added path data classes
– Refactored animation system
– Refactored object controllers (328, #331)
– Fix MD2 render state for different passes (#340)
– Fixed normal/tangent issues in CylinderGeometry (#209)
– Added default materials for objects (#170)
– Added skeleton and forceCPU properties to SkeletonAnimator
– Fixed bug in UV generation for cube primitives
– Fixed bug in SkeletonAnimator playback with negative playbackSpeed
– Fixed bug in SegmentSet (#198)
– Fixed infinite recursion issue in SkeletonDifferenceNode
– Fix for Gold alpha blending regression
– Fixed MD5 mesh bug (#364)
– Fixed incorrect z values in project() and x/y/z values in unproject() methods of lensbase
– Fixed incorrect bounds normals returned by mouse event on an object with triangle picking enabled
– Fixed missing delta data on MouseEvent3D.MOUSE_WHEEL events
– Doublesided materials considered correctly in triangle picking
– Fixed incorrect mouse events from Sprite3D
– Introduced zOffset parameter on all scenegraph objects to allow manual sorting offsets
– Fixed incorrect picking event from firing when a bounds collision is detected from inside the bounds
– Fixed missing mouse down events when running on tablets
– Added ability to resize the viewport of a View3D object independent of Stage3DProxy when sharing a context
– Updated Adobe’s AGALMiniAssembler to the latest from
– Implemented getSceneCollision on RaycastPicker (#418)
4.1.0 (Alpha)
– Merged stereo rendering feature
– Merged particle animation feature
– Merged compact geometry feature
– Merged ATF texture feature
– Merged view volume partitions feature
– Merged multipass materials feature
– Merged realtime reflections feature
– Rebuilt tools package to work with new compact geometry feature
– Removed name arg in animation set interface method addAnimation, name to be set on asset.
– Renamed rootDelta property on AnimatorBase to positionDelta
– Deprecated TripleFilterShadowMethod in favour of SoftShadowMethod
– Added DXF parser
– Fix order of material vs animation code generation. Closes #405
– Increased max shadow map samples for DitheredShadowMapMethod
– Increased max shadow map samples for SoftShadowMethod
– Updated DirectionalLight’s scene transform (and as a result the sceneDirection) if dirty when sceneDirection is queried. Closes #391
– Replaced Texture constants not available in older compilers with string literals for backward compatibility
– PlaneGeometry: Fix faulty and missing uv’s when doubleSided is true.
– Changed composite shader methods to work by passing in a method rather than subclassing
– Moved responsibility for light picker updates to material passes
– Moved shader compilation classes into own package, extracted dependency counts into class
4.1.1 (Beta)
– Added mouseEnabled, mouseChildren and extra properties to Mesh.clone(). Closes #414
– Added WireframeTetrahedron geometry primitive (#375)
– Added support for constrained mode
– Added BlendMode.LAYER support for entities.
– Refactor to worldspace calcuations for scene partitions
– Improvements to shadow rendering
– Fixes to normal values for various primitive geometry classes
– Fixes to Merge, Mirror, Explode and GeomUtil tools. Closes #437, #438, #439, #440, #441
– Compiler warnings removed
– Background texture can deactivate mipmapping on creation. Closes #468
– View doesn’t dispose of a shared stage3DProxy when has shareContext = true (#475)
– Fixes to DAE parser (#486 & #484)
– Fixed EnvMapMethod using mask. Closes #480
– Fixed shadows for large scene position values. Closes #412
– Various fixes: unpaired mouse over/mouse out events, ObjectContainer3D bounds, missing removeChildAt(), OBJ parser ignores zero-length geometries, check for zero length geometries in CompactSubGeometry, normalise normals & tangents after transform (#472)
– Added OcclusionMaterial
– Added getParticleNodeName() to ParticleNodeNBase (#488)
– Added ParticleInitialColorNode to allow different initial colors for each particle
– Added BitmapData & ATF option for ImageParser (#489, #526)
– Added spritesheet animation to the animators classes
– Optimised ShaderRegisterCache creation/reset (#477)
– Fix incorrect values from uproject() method on view and camera
– Fix SubGeometry faceWeights variable (incorrect uint cast). Closes #511 & #505
– Added fix for steps = 0 in HoverController. Closes #467
– Fixed viewport scaling and offset when using a shared context. Closes #329
– Added PerspectiveOffCenterLens
– Fix to convertToSeparateBuffers in CompactSubGometry. Closes #491
– Fixed FirstPersonController wrap issue on panAngle. Closes #506
– Fix for SingleFileLoader when getting file extensions for urls with query strings. Closes #463
– Fixed 3D mouse events when using OrthographicLens. Closes #469
– Fixed mouse picking with 2 views. Closes #483
– Fixed mouse click event to behave correctly for a mouse click. Closes #399
– Fixed incorrect aspect ratio on a view when using Filter3D API. Closes #501
– Fixed scene partition error for floating cameras. Closes #519
– Added constrained mode option
– Fix to SkyBox clipping when using extreme frustum values. Closes #481
– Fixed materials ignoring invalidation when new effects methods are assigned. Closes #476
– Fixed ShaderPicker memory leak when view is disposed. Closes #461
– Mipmaps explicitly disposed when calling dispose() on TextureMaterial. Closes #459 & #417
– Fix for mesh normals data when using PickingType.SHADER on view.mousePicker. Closes #537
– Fix for incorrect thickness value being get/set on Segment. Closes #392
– Fixed single frame glitch for ambient light on startup of a scene. Closes #410
– Fix to MeshHelper class for correctly handling CompactSubGeometry classes. Closes #444
– Upgraded AWD parser to version 2.1
– Added SphereMaker Command
– Fix to animation errors and container mismatches on Collada parser (Closes #428 & #445)
– Fix for using second normal on SimpleWaterNormalMethod. Closes #558.
– Fixes to memory leaks around animators (Closes #562)
– Moved interleaveBuffers() method from away3d.utils.GeometryUtil to and removed away3d.utils.GeometryUtil
– Removed dummy COLLADA_ROOT_ container from Collada parser
– Fix to operation of PerspectiveOffCenterLens
– Fix State reseting when device loss experienced for animations
– Added Basic 3D multitouch support
– Extend LookAtController and HoverController to allow upAxis to be defined
– Update Epsilon value in Shadow Methods to be the equivalent of inverse-distance for both point and directional lights
– Re-worked getContainerBounds method to work with translations and rotations of nested containers and entities.
– Added bounds for Segment Sets
– Fixes to Geometry primitive normals
– Fixes to various AssetLoader issues and parser inconsistencies
– Orthographic lens fixed to work with sharedcontext views
– Various fixes to SegmentSet, added support for multiple buffers
– Picking fixes for sharedcontext views
– Added ParticleRotateToPositionNode in particle animators
– Fix issue with Segment thickness when sciccorRect is set in a view
– Fixed Bounds.getMeshBounds()
– Fixed index setting of ParticleFollowState
– Fix for sharing context collider with overlapping views
4.1.4 (Gold)
– Added baseDependency getter to AssetLoader
– New Wireframe regular polygon primitive
– Added getCenter() method to Bounds
– Updated geometry primitives to use scaleU and scaleV
– Code formatting and cleaning
– ASDoc updates in comments
– Updated Bounds to ignore lights
– Fix to unproject (closes #446)
– Add wrapPanAngle to FirstPersonController
– Fix to Wireframe geometry primitive properties and geometry updates
– Fix for runtime error when removing a lightpicker from a material with a shadow method
– Fix to GradientDiffuseMethod to stop material from disappearing when no lights are applied
– Get rid of compilation warnings in ViewVolume
– Fix for incorrect sorting with blended entities (Closes #605)
– Fix to Loader3D when automatically adding root objects to the scene from an AWD file
– Fix to SegmentSet bounds calculations. Closes #610
– Added support for new ATF format. Closes #615
– Fix to background image when using a scissorRect. Closes #622
– Optimisation to MD2 parser. Closes #631
– Fix to pitch/roll/yaw/rotate for scaled objects. Closes #626
– Fix on filter method for custom filterFunc. Closes #619
– Added support for 4096×4096 textures. Closes #647
– Memory optimisations for internal Matrix3D and Vector3D use
– Fix to zIndex calculation on Entities with non-root parent. Closes #659
– Fix for removing effects methods on a multipass material. Closes #671
– Updated context loss handling for views with 3D filters. Closes #669
– Corrected pivot point calculation for scaled meshes. Closes #650
– Fix for background texture renderer when using BlendMode on a Mesh. Closes #569
– Fix for controller using targets with non-root parent. Closes #377
– Compatibility fix for UV animation applied to a multipass material. Closes #553
– Stability update to StereoView3D. Closes #466
– Compatibility fix to calling Merge.apply() to meshes with lit materials. Closes #624
– Compatibility fix for SpriteSheetAnimator applied to materials with shadows enabled. Closes #617
– Enable doublesided meshes to be used with OutlineMethod. Closes #604
– Visual discrepancy fix between single pass and multipass materials when using fog effects method. Closes #596
– Fix to filtered shadow method when using cascading shadows
– Fix to segment set rendering when using 3d filters
– Fix to multipass material when using multiple point lights
– Added useSmoothingGroups option in 3DS parser to allow smoothing on files with no smoothing group data
– Fix for play method on animators to restart stopped animations when playing the same state
– Fix to duration property for non-looping animations
– Updates to AWD and 3DS parser to allow class instance reuse on multiple assets.


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